We challenge everything.
From how advertising is done
to how technology is made.


Challenger’s Manifesto

It takes courage to say No.
To fight mediocrity.
To build something which didn’t exist before,
because that’s the only way
to stay true to who you are.
We chose ourselves.
We are not for everybody.
And we are not here to make friends.
We are here to take over. 
To challenge. Change. And deliver.


It’s not us, it’s you. All the creativity built upon solid strategy based on deep understanding and belief in partnership with our clients. All of that is for you.


No, we are not a software company. But seeing things from a user’s perspective made us design software products people actually want to use. 




Adbee CMS

Powerful CMS for profitable business and excellent UX design for intuitive navigation.

Adbee Shop

Creating a high-performing
e-commerce solution today requires a new kind of thinking.


Powerful solution for productive agency operation.
Miranda does it all.


Being part of the team might not be easy, but it’s damn worth it. Why? Well, we don’t accept mediocrity. Sounds good? Good. 

PHP developer

Up for a challenge? Jump in and show your skills in variety of projects.
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Account manager

Tough one. And a crucial one. If you want to make your mark and lead the way, come on in.
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