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There are several Slovak companies that have made it in a big world. ESET and Sygic come to mind — as well as KVANT, the global leader in laser shows and laser manufacturing. KVANT lasers and shows are admired and appreciated all over the globe, from Asia to USA. Their products are used by the biggest names and brands, Justin Bieber, David Guetta or Ferrari among them. Not bad.

We were therefore honored that KVANT granted us the trust and the privilege to work with them on this project as well and thus continue our long-term cooperation. To reward this trust, we have given them web and e-shop worthy of their top-notch work. (Thanks for the trust, gents.)


Here’s the thing. KVANT services and products are world-class, no doubt about that. Their lasers and shows are otherworldly and their constant push to improve the quality is exceptional. There’s only one catch: what customer buy is the idea of a result (e.g. a grand spectacle). But the item they pay for is a black metal box. And a fairly pricey one.

This means there were several crucial points we had to address properly during the shopping process if we were to have any chance of success. And it was important to tackle the barriers resulting from buying such a specific item online and without trying.

Hence, one of the core elements was to infuse more trust into the shopping process.


The basic decision was to completely scratch the previous website and start anew. With a strong focus on experience, arguments — and conversion.

Experience here is what pulls customers inside, showing what KVANT can do. This initial impression and overall atmosphere gives us an opportunity to further work on visitors and present our compelling arguments.

The decisive part here are the many references which we utilise across the web, addressing the doubts harbored by potential customers. This in turn gives the brand and products trustworthiness and directly influences the conversion rate.

Important part of the overall customer experience is also the subtle fact there a visitor will never encounter a dead-end during browsing the website. He is always accompanied with new and relevant content, including alternative and recommended products and accessories.

This cross-sell and up-sell element is not only important part of e-commerce — it also beautifully reflects the general attitude of KVANT and their tireless effort to give their customers whatever is necessary to surpass their expectations and provide them with the best product and service available.

However, this wasn’t all. Part of the project was also a custom e-shop.

Considering the complex offer of products and their inherent peculiarity, it was crucial to make the e-shop as simple as it gets — and we spent a great deal of time and effort to earn this simplicity.

Our models here were e-commerce giants such as Amazon or Ebay and we have drawn from the most important recent findings. Even such a small detail as removing the forced registration can increase the conversion rate by 43%. And that’s exactly what we did. Customer account is simple created with the first order. 

What more, customers can configure their lasers to exactly fit their needs directly in the e-shop. This eliminates the need to meet with a sales manager, as was the custom previously. For end-customers this provides an important benefit of having a clear overview of what he can do with his laser. And for the sales team this means a much welcomed relief. That’s a win-win.

To truly keep this customer comfort to the end you can edit the product configuration even in the shopping cart. The cart itself also utilizes up-sell and cross-sell tools and shipping costs are calculated automatically according to the price lists of the largest shipping companies according to the final size and weight of the shipment plus your locality.

What about the results?

Well, the sophisticated offer of alternative and recommended content resulted in more than 50% increase of time spent on the website and the amount of visited pages. 

At the same time, bounce rate decreased by almost 20%. This means our website managed to draw people in so well that they viewed several other pages — which was exactly one of our partial goals. 

Also, in such a specific segment it is of utmost importance to bring in repeated visitors. Only a small percentage of customers will purchase a product worth couple thousand € spontaneously. And we have successfully increased the number of repeated visitors by almost 50%.

With that said — we think we have again managed to fulfill our promise — and delivered the result.

KVANT — it was a pleasure. 

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