Miranda ERP

Powerful solution for productive agency operation.

Running a company in 21st century

Whether you operate a marketing, creative or an event agency, managing business today comes with a particular set of challenges. You have to deal with constant inflow of information, make sure all the departments are productive while keeping an eye on finances and new business. This is where Miranda comes in.

The story

Miranda began as an answer to a burning pain: how do we manage our agency, organize its operation and support its growth? Clearly, we needed a system that will keep it all in place and enable us to scale.

We researched many existing ERP systems. Some were too basic and didn’t allow for expansion, others were too difficult to use, creating roadblocks where they should have made things smooth.

That was when we decided to create a system we ourselves would love to use.

Today, Miranda is the cornerstone of our continued growth and it also serves other companies to run a more successful business.


What are the main benefits of Miranda?

Probably the most important point is this: Miranda does everything possible to make your job easier – regardless of whether you’re the CEO or an office manager.

Intuitive and easy to implement and use

If you can use email and Internet browser, you can use Miranda.

Everything in one place

From attendance and vacations through managing of projects, tasks and activities, right up to financial planning, cost estimates and invoicing, and an internal knowledge base to keep your team awesome.

Less confusion, more productivity

The less time you and your employees spend switching between multiple apps and systems with different controls, the more time and focus you can all spend on actually doing the things that matter.

Field-tested ecosystem

Miranda is built around real needs of a dynamic and fast growing company. No useless fluff, just high-performing system. We know it works – our own business depends on it.

Fully responsive, lightweight and scalable

As your business grows, Miranda is ready to help it along the way. For this end, it’s also cloud-based and fully responsive, providing complete functionality on any kind of device. And if you need to address particular needs, we can customize it for you.

Track and improve your productivity

What get measured, gets improved. With Miranda, you can easily track profitability and efficiency of individual clients, projects and employees.


Important features for business operation

Business intelligence at a glance

With Miranda you have complete overview of what’s going on in your company and a solid base for making strategic decisions.

Project management, finances and reporting in one place

From the initial cost estimate to resource allocation, managing all tasks and activities to the final reports & review – Miranda makes it clear and simple and automatic email notifications keep people on track.

HR module

For managing attendance and vacations, as well as tracking open positions, applicants and interviews.

Integrated knowledge base

Keep and grow your own personal database of learnings & best practices to help your company improve.

Various levels of data access

So that you can be sure everybody sees what they need to see.

Customer support

Helps you make the most of Miranda and solves any emergencies that may arise.


If you want to support growth of your business and switch to CMS that can do just that, we’d love to be a part of it. For more information about how Adbee shop can help you grow, let's talk.

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